Organization Record Forms

The law requires all licensees who offer civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering or land surveying services through a business entity to file an Organization Record (OR) form with the Board. The information that must be provided on the OR form includes the name of the business; the addresses of the primary and branch offices (if any); the types of professional services provided through the business; the names of all of the owners, partners, or officers (both licensed and unlicensed); and the names of all of the Professional Engineers and/or Professional Land Surveyors who are in responsible charge of the professional services provided. A new OR form must be filed whenever any of this information changes.

Additionally, if you leave a business where you were in responsible charge of the professional services, then you must file a Disassociation Record form.

The Organization Record Form for Businesses Whose Principal Office is in California, the Organization Record Form for Businesses Whose Principal Office is Located Outside of California, and the Disassociation notice are available on this web site. You may complete the forms, sign them, and email them to the Board at While email is preferred, you may mail them to the mailing address listed on the forms.

It is your responsibility as a licensee to make sure current information is on file with the Board. If you would like to check on the most current Organization Record form on file for your company, please email or call (916) 999-3584.


A: No, there is no fee to file the forms.
A: We receive a high volume of these forms, so no confirmation is automatically sent. However, you may request confirmation by noting such in the body of your email message.
A: Any time the information changes.
A: No, the form only needs to be updated when the information changes. There is no timeframe associated.
A: No, the Board does not license businesses. Only the form needs to be kept on file.