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  • NOTICED MAY 14, 2020 - Notice Regarding Examination Scheduling for Qualified 2020 Civil Examination Candidates.
  • NOTICED APRIL 30, 2020 - The Board is proposing modifications to the text of Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 416, 418, 3060, and 3061, relating to the Substantial Relationship Criteria and the Criterial for Rehablitation. Written comments may be submitted on the proposed modifications between April 30 and May 15, 2020, in the manner described in the Notice of Modified Text, which includes the Modified Text.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 - Prometric has announced today that the temporary closure of their test centers in the United States and Canada has been extended through May 31st, 2020. Prometric will contact all exam candidates who are scheduled for exams during this period and will cancel their original testing appointment in Quarter 2. Those eligibilities will then be processed for eligibility in Quarter 3. Once the Board receives acknowledgement that all eligible names are ready for scheduling in Quarter 3, the Board will email you a new ATT notice for Quarter 3.
    If you are a civil engineer exam candidate for a California state exam in Quarter 2, you do not need to do anything at this time. We will send you a new ATT notice and then you can contact Prometric to schedule your exam during Quarter 3.
    Please be advised that Prometric continuously updates its website with current information. You can visit their website at:
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 - Message to all examination candidates.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 UPDATE- As an update to the Board’s message posted on March 20, 2020, we wanted to remind everyone that the Board is still working diligently to continue business as normal for applicants, licensees, and the public.  While our office is currently closed to entry by the public until further notice, we are still processing applications and investigating received complaints.  Now would be a good time to submit your application for processing so that once exam administration begins again in the future, approved candidates can promptly proceed with exam scheduling.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 10, 2020 - Prometric has announced that the temporary closure of their test centers in the United States and Canada has been extended to May 1st, 2020. Prometric will contact all exam candidates who are scheduled for exams during this period and will reschedule their testing appointment. Questions regarding this process should be directed to Prometric at or 1-800-864-5316.
    Please be advised during this busy time that communication with Prometric may be delayed. However, all appointments will be processed. An announcement regarding delays can be found here:
    This applies to all candidates that have had previously scheduled appointments canceled due to the COVID-19 precautions or have subsequently received official ATT notices from the Board. All rescheduling of those above need to follow Prometric’s guidelines for rescheduling at this time. The Board will not respond to those inquiries.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 3, 2020 - As a result of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, and in a continuing effort to protect the public health and well-being, the California State Professional Land Surveyor examination scheduled to be administered at Prometric test centers on April 16, 2020, has been cancelled. All fees for eligible examination candidates will be automatically forwarded to the next scheduled administration of the examination on October 27, 2020. Prometric will contact eligible examination candidates in the next several weeks to reschedule the examination. If you are unable to attend the October 27, 2020 examination, please contact the Board’s Licensing Manager, Candace Cummins, at or (916) 263-2254 for further assistance.
  • UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION - MARCH 20, 2020 - While California continues to navigate the uncertainty of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and limit its spread, the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists is committed to supporting our licensees, applicants, and consumers, as well as our staff, throughout the course of this pandemic and to providing continuity of service at all times. The Board is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, coordinating with state and local governments, and working with our partners to protect the health of Californians.

    As of March 20, 2020, the Board Office is closed to the general public until further notice. The office remains open for Board staff at this time, and we are working diligently to continue business as normal. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on implementing new technologies for our staff to work remotely and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We apologize for any delays in reaching our staff or potential delays in our processing times. Please utilize our online resources for applications, examination information, license renewals, complaint submission, license verification, contacting Board staff via email, and viewing the latest Board news.

    More information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and prevention can be found HERE.

  • UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION - MARCH 20, 2020 - The Board has received inquiries from licensees about whether their work is considered "essential" under Executive Order N-33-20, issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 19. However, the Board does not have the authority to make this determination. The Executive Order provided a stay at home order except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors. The Executive Order referred to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which provides guidance regarding the identification of essential critical infrastructure workers. CISA has prepared a document to provide guidance when determining whether your business provides essential or non-essential services and whether you should remain open. You should also check with your local county health department to determine what activities are also considered essential and non-essential.
  • UPDATED MARCH 17, 2020 - NCEES has announced that the April 2020 paper-and-pencil exam administration has been canceled and that its computer-based testing (CBT) examinations have temporarily ceased to be administered through at least April 16, 2020. Please visit their website for additional details and information: Questions regarding the NCEES examinations should be directed to NCEES at or 800-250-3196.
  • ANNOUNCED MARCH 17, 2020 - Prometric has temporarily closed their test centers in the United States and Canada for a period of 30 days, starting March 18. Prometric will contact all exam candidates who are scheduled for exams during this period and will reschedule their testing appointment. Please read their announcement for further information. Questions regarding this should be directed to Prometric at or 1-800-864-5316.

    The California State Land Surveyor exam is currently scheduled for administration at Prometric test centers for April 16, 2020. This date will remain as scheduled unless Prometric extends their site closures. The Board will be monitoring this situation and will advise exam candidates if the exam date changes.

  • ADDED FEBRUARY 25, 2020 - NCEES is seeking licensed civil engineers to participate in an online survey as part of the professional activities and knowledge study for the PE Civil exam. This survey will be used to update the specifications for the exam.
  • FRAUD SCAM ALERT DECEMBER 20, 2019 - The Board and the Department of Consumer Affairs have been made aware of a fraud scam targeting licensees. Read the Department's Fraud Scam Alert for more information about the scam and tips on how to avoid and report fraud scams.
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