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  • ANNOUNCED JANUARY 20, 2021 – NEW Release to BPELSG Connect.  The Board is excited to introduce the second phase of its new application and licensing portal designed to promote effective connection between the Board and its applicants and license holders.  License renewals are now available for all eligible licenses plus refinements to the current EIT/LSIT application processes.  Please visit to register in BPELSG Connect.

  • ANNOUNCED JANUARY 6, 2021 - Expedited Licensure for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Holders of Special Immigrant Visas. Starting January 1, 2021, individuals in the following categories who apply for licensure by the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists may seek an expedited licensure process.
    1. Refugees pursuant to section 1157 of title 8 of the United States Code;
    2. Those granted asylum by the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Attorney General of the United States pursuant to section 1158 of title 8 of the United States Code; or,
    3. Individuals with a special immigrant visa that have been granted a status pursuant to section 1244 of Public Law 110-181, Public Law 109-163, or section 602(b) of title VI of division F of Public Law 111-8.

    In order to receive the expedited licensure process, individuals must provide documentation of their refugee, asylee, or special immigrant visa status when submitting their application package. Please note that this does not mean a license or certification must be issued, but simply that the process will be expedited. Click here for information and documentation examples.

  • ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 22, 2020 - Due to a regulatory action approved by the Office of Administrative Law on November 18, 2020, the fees that applicants and licensees pay to the Board will change, effective January 1, 2021. Please click on FEE CHANGES for further information.
  • ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 4, 2020 - Effective Monday, December 7, 2020, the Board Office will be closed to the general public until further notice. The office remains open for Board staff at this time, and we are working diligently to continue business as normal. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on implementing new technologies for our staff to work remotely and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We apologize for any delays in reaching our staff or potential delays in our processing times. We strongly encourage everyone to continue utilizing our online resources for applications, examination information, license renewals, complaint submission, license verification, contacting Board staff via email, and viewing the latest Board news.

    More information about COVID-19 symptoms and prevention and the Stay-At-Home orders is available at

  • ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 1, 2020 - Renewal Connect Message to License Holders.
  • NOTICED NOVEMBER 24, 2020 - On November 18, 2020, the Office of Administrative Law approved the Board’s proposed action to amend Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 407, 410, and 3005, and to adopt Title 16, California Code of Regulations section 3010. This action addresses fees paid to the Board and situations in which replacement certificates will be issued. This regulatory action will become effective on January 1, 2021. Further information can be found on our Rulemaking Page.
  • ANNOUNCED SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 – NEW Online Application Portal for Engineer-In-Training (EIT) and Land Surveyor-In-Training (LSIT) applicants.  The Board is excited to introduce the first phase of its new application and licensing portal designed to promote effective connection between the Board and its applicants and license holders.  Initial functionality allows for overall application management by the EIT or LSIT applicant encompassing the initial user profile creation and application submittal through direct connection with Board staff, through to the issuance of the EIT or LSIT certification.  The Board looks forward to extending this functionality to include all applications and license renewals in the near future. Note:  Applicants who submitted a paper application prior to the launch of the NEW Online Portal (postmarked September 16, 2020 or prior), do not need to resubmit an application through the Online Portal.

  • ANNOUNCED SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 – NEW Online Complaint Submittal.  The Board is excited to introduce a new Complaint Submittal process which is integrated with the Board’s new online application and licensing portal.  It is designed to promote effective connection between the Board and those who are in need of assistance from the Board’s Enforcement Program.  Additional investigation case management are planned for future releases.

  • ANNOUNCED AUGUST 4, 2020 - Fall 2020 NCEES Paper and Pencil Examinations Update - Despite NCEES’s efforts to accommodate all approved examination candidates in California by adding an additional day of testing, the overall volume of candidates together with adherence to currently mandated local and regional safety and physical distancing protocols has resulted in examination locations that have nearly reached allowable capacity.  NCEES is actively evaluating all viable alternatives to accommodate additional approved California candidates.  BPELSG is continuing to monitor this situation with NCEES and expects to provide more information within the next two weeks.  We encourage all interested parties to monitor any new examination information at

  • UPDATED JUNE 24, 2020 - 2020 California-state Examination
    As the Board prepares to resume testing for state exams at Prometric test centers on July 1, 2020, we encourage eligible candidates who have not yet scheduled their 2020 examinations to do so as soon as possible. Prometric has established a link for exam candidates to view a list of test centers that currently have availability and another link for current test center requirements for test-takers. Note: the Board has been designated as an ‘Essential’ client. This should provide added eligibility for the exam candidate.  
    Site Openings:
    In-Center Procedures
    Prometric website for up-to-date information:
  • NOTICED MAY 14, 2020 - Notice Regarding Examination Scheduling for Qualified 2020 Civil Examination Candidates.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 - Prometric has announced today that the temporary closure of their test centers in the United States and Canada has been extended through May 31st, 2020. Prometric will contact all exam candidates who are scheduled for exams during this period and will cancel their original testing appointment in Quarter 2. Those eligibilities will then be processed for eligibility in Quarter 3. Once the Board receives acknowledgment that all eligible names are ready for scheduling in Quarter 3, the Board will email you a new ATT notice for Quarter 3.
    If you are a civil engineer exam candidate for a California state exam in Quarter 2, you do not need to do anything at this time. We will send you a new ATT notice and then you can contact Prometric to schedule your exam during Quarter 3.
    Please be advised that Prometric continuously updates its website with current information. You can visit their website at:
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 - Message to all examination candidates.
  • ANNOUNCED APRIL 3, 2020 - As a result of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, and in a continuing effort to protect the public health and well-being, the California State Professional Land Surveyor examination scheduled to be administered at Prometric test centers on April 16, 2020, has been cancelled. All fees for eligible examination candidates will be automatically forwarded to the next scheduled administration of the examination on October 27, 2020. Prometric will contact eligible examination candidates in the next several weeks to reschedule the examination. If you are unable to attend the October 27, 2020 examination, please contact the Board’s Licensing Manager, Candace Cummins, at or (916) 999-3622 for further assistance.
  • POSTED MARCH 20, 2020 - The Board has received inquiries from licensees about whether their work is considered "essential" under Executive Order N-33-20, issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on March 19. However, the Board does not have the authority to make this determination. The Executive Order provided a stay at home order except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors. The Executive Order referred to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which provides guidance regarding the identification of essential critical infrastructure workers. CISA has prepared a document to provide guidance when determining whether your business provides essential or non-essential services and whether you should remain open. You should also check with your local county health department to determine what activities are also considered essential and non-essential.
  • FRAUD SCAM ALERT DECEMBER 20, 2019 - The Board and the Department of Consumer Affairs have been made aware of a fraud scam targeting licensees. Read the Department's Fraud Scam Alert for more information about the scam and tips on how to avoid and report fraud scams.
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