Contact Information for the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists

Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95833-2944
Toll Free Number: 1-866-780-5370 (no charge to the calling party)
Phone Number: (916) 999-3600
FAX Number: (916) 263-2246
Hours & Driving Directions

License Verifications
To verify if an individual is licensed, you may use the License Lookup feature on this web site or contact the Board at 1-866-780-5370 or (916) 999-3600 or

If you are seeking licensure as a professional engineer or a professional land surveyor in another state, you may need to provide them with verification of your examination and licensure status in California. To obtain this verification, you must use the verification system available through NCEES. You will need to log in to your MyNCEES account (or create one) and then follow the directions there to provide verification to the other state. Professional geologists or professional geophysicists seeking verification must complete the Verification of Licensure or Passage of Examinations form. This form must be mailed or faxed to our Board for processing. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing of any verification requests.

To Obtain a List of Licensees
DCA Public Information – Licensee Lists

To Request an Application
All applications are available on this web site.
Applications cannot be mailed without your complete name, mailing address, social security number or taxpayer ID number, and date of birth. NOTE: For applicants outside the United States, the name and address space is limited to four (4) lines, thirty (30) characters per line, including spaces. Be sure your name and address fits within those specifications. Omit punctuation unless required by your postal service.

Questions about Licensure and Certification Qualifications and Applications
(916) 999-3635


Applications for Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and Land Surveyor-in-Training (LSIT):

Applications for Professional Engineer (PE), Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), Geologist-in-Training (GIT), Professional Geologist (PG), and Professional Geophysicist (PGP):

Last Name Email Address

Examination Information
Questions about exam development, exam administration, test centers, and exam results:
(916) 999-3644 or

Address Changes
Title 16, California Code of Regulations sections 412 and 3009 require applicants and licensees to notify the Board of a change to the address of record within thirty (30) days after the change. Please use the Address Change Affidavit to file your change of address. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Renewal Information
For current licenses and licenses that have been expired for less than five (5) years:
(916) 999-3612 or

If your license has been expired for more than five years, please contact, (916) 999-3635


Last Name Email Address

Fingerprinting Information
Fingerprinting FAQs
If you have further questions, please call or email: (916) 999-3625 or

Outreach (Presentations, college campus visits, and educational materials)
Brooke Phayer - (916) 999-3609 or

Enforcement & Complaint Information
Questions about filing a complaint or to check if enforcement action has been taken against an individual:
(916) 999-3593 or
Information about filing a complaint is available on this website.
NOTE: Do NOT send messages regarding qualifications for certification/licensure, the status of your application, or your examination results to the e-mail address. For a timely response, you must send them to the appropriate e-mail address listed on this page for questions regarding Certification or Licensure Qualifications and Applications.

Businesses and Agencies (Organization Records, Disassociation Notices, and Notices of Departmental Designation)
Questions about businesses or to request an Organization Record form or Disassociation Notice:
(916) 999-3584 or
Questions about agencies or to request a Notice of Departmental Designation (NODD) form:
(916) 999-3593 or
These forms are available on this website.

Laws and Regulations
Questions about the Professional Engineers Act, the Professional Land Surveyors' Act, and the Geologist and Geophysicist Act, and the associated regulations, should be directed to the Board's Enforcement Unit at (916) 999-3593 or
The laws and regulations are available on this website.

Licensed Professionals on Staff
For questions about the laws and regulations, see the information above.
Mike Donelson, P.E. (Electrical Engineer) - (916) 999-3636 or
Natalie King, P.E. (Civil Engineer) - (916) 999-3637 or
Laurie Racca, PG (Geologist) - (916) 999-3638
Dallas Sweeney, P.L.S. (Land Surveyor) - (916) 999-3639 or

Questions or comments about this website:
NOTE: Do NOT send messages regarding any of the above topics to the e-mail address. For a timely response, you must send them to the appropriate e-mail address listed above.

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