Process for Requesting a Waiver of the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam when Applying for Licensure as a Professional Engineer (PE):

You must submit your application for review and approval by the Board before the Board will authorize you to take the NCEES professional-level exam in the discipline in which you have applied, as well as take the state-specific exam(s) (for Civil and Traffic Engineer applicants). If you are an Agricultural, Chemical, Civil, Control Systems, Electrical, Fire Protection, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Nuclear, or Petroleum Engineer applicant, you will submit your application through BPELSG Connect.

You will use the same application as all other applicants; however, you must answer the questions accurately on the Qualifications Tab of the application so that you are indicating you are seeking a FE exam waiver (or check the Waiver Requested box on the paper application if you are a Traffic Engineer applicant). It is recommended that you review the following:  Business and Professionals Code section 6755(b)Title 16, California Code of Regulations section 438(a)FE waiver flowchart.

Once you have submitted your application through BPELSG Connect, you will be able to monitor the status of your application and address any deficiencies by logging into your BPELSG Connect user profile. Do not contact the Board for status updates; login to your BPELSG Connect account and refer to your dashboard for status updates. View the Application Status Definitions for detailed information.

If you are a Traffic Engineer applicant, do not contact the Board to verify receipt of your application. You must use a delivery method that provides tracking and delivery confirmation. Do not contact the Board within the initial 60-day period to ask about the status of your application. After the 60-day period, you may contact the Board at (916) 999-3600 or via email at

If the FE exam waiver request is approved by the Board, it is your responsibility to register for the discipline-specific PE exam on the NCEES website in accordance with the NCEES exam administration schedule (not applicable to Traffic Engineer applicants). 

Request to take the state-specific exams (Civil Applicants only):
Once your application is exam eligible you will need to login to BPELSG Connect to pay for and request to take the state-specific exams.  You will have the choice to take the exams in one of two quarters following the quarter in which you make the exam requests and pay your exam fees in BPELSG Connect; however, you will not be able to take the exams in the same quarter that you make the exam requests and pay your exam fees in BPELSG Connect.  For example, if you make your exam requests and pay your exam fees in Quarter 1, you will be able to schedule your state-specific exams in Quarter 2 or Quarter 3, but not in Quarter 1. See the chart below for details. Once you have paid for an exam and selected a quarter, your eligibility is only valid for the quarter that you selected.

After payment, you will receive Authorization to Test (ATT) notices via email with instructions on how and when to schedule your exams with Prometric.  Contact the Board if you do not receive your ATTs after payment is made. It is recommended that you schedule your exams as soon as you receive the ATT notices to increase your chances of obtaining your preferred testing location and times.

If you request and pay for your exam(s) in Connect:

You will be eligible to take the state-specific exam(s):

January 1 – March 31 (Quarter 1)

April 1 – June 30 (Quarter 2) OR July 1 – September 30 (Quarter 3)

April 1 – June 30 (Quarter 2)

July 1 – September 30 (Quarter 3) OR October 1 – December 31(Quarter 4)

July 1 – September 30 (Quarter 3)

October 1 – December 31 (Quarter 4) OR January 1 – March 31 (Quarter 1)

October 1 – December 31(Quarter 4)

January 1 – March 31 (Quarter 1) OR April 1 – June 30 (Quarter 2)

Do I qualify to request a waiver of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam?

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