License Renewal Information
Click here to see if you are eligible to submit an online license renewal payment

Renewal Notices - Renewal notices are sent to your address of record approximately 60 days before the expiration date. The expiration date is printed on the renewal notice and on your pocket ID. The expiration date is also available on License Lookup, where you can check to see that your correct address is on file with the Board. If you do not receive your renewal notice, you may send your renewal payment directly to the Board office; include a cover letter indicating your license number and correct address of record.

Online Renewals – At this time, only professional engineers and land surveyors, except for photogrammetric surveyors and consulting engineers, may renew their license(s) online if certain eligibility requirements are met. If you do not meet these requirements, you must renew your license in the traditional manner. Click here to see if you qualify. (At this time Professional Geologists and Geophysicists cannot renew online.)

Address Change - You are required by Title 16, California Code of Regulations, Section 412, to notify the Board of a change of address within 30 days of the change. An address change form is available by clicking here. You must notify the Board in writing directly. Submitting an address change or forwarding request to the U.S. Postal Service is not sufficient.

Renewal Fees for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors - Click here for information regarding renewal and delinquency fees

Renewal Information for Geologists and Geophysicists - Click here for information

License Renewal Request Form

Renewal Period - Licenses are valid for two (2) years from the assigned renewal date (not the issue date).

First-time Licensure - Your examination fee includes licensure through the first renewal quarter after the exam results were approved by the Board. Approximately one to two months after being notified of passing the examination, first-time licensees will receive a renewal notice for payment of the full renewal fee. Once renewed, the license will be valid for an additional two (2) years. The renewal month and day will remain the same until the license is retired, canceled, or revoked.

Renew On Time to Avoid Penalty - Renewing on time will save you a delinquent penalty fee equal to half of the current renewal fee. If your renewal application is postmarked after the grace period, the penalty fee must be submitted with the renewal fee. (Engineers have a 60-day grace period. Land Surveyors have a 30-day grace period.) The grace period only applies to the fee you have to pay to renew your license. If you do not pay your renewal fee by the expiration date, your license will be considered expired. It is illegal to practice, offer to practice, or use any restricted titles with an expired license, including during the grace period.

Delinquent License - A license is delinquent between the first day after the grace period up to three years after the grace period. (Engineers have a 60-day grace period. Land Surveyors have a 30-day grace period.) A delinquent license can be brought up-to-date by paying the delinquent fee amount indicated on your renewal notice.

Reinstatement of Delinquency of Three or More Years - If your license is three or more years delinquent, you cannot renew. Contact the Board for information on how to reinstate your license as follows:
PE/PLS Evaluator 1: Last names from A through G: (916) 263-1157 or
PE/PLS Evaluator 2: Last names from H through N: (916) 263-2252 or
PE/PLS Evaluator 3: Last names from O through Z: (916) 263-1436 or

Payments - Payments can be made by credit card through online services or by check or money order sent to the address contained on your renewal notice. Due to administrative processing issues, the Board is not able to accept renewal payments prior to 60 days before the expiration date. If you submit your renewal payment more than 60 days before your license is scheduled to expire, the payment will be returned to you.

Multiple Licenses - Please send a separate check or money order for each license you are renewing. Include the renewal form(s) or a letter indicating the license number(s) you wish to renew and your address.

Structural and Geotechnical Engineers - You must pay the renewal fees for both your Civil Engineer license and your Structural and/or Geotechnical Engineer license. Your Structural and/or Geotechnical Engineer license cannot be renewed if your Civil Engineer license is not current. If you submit the renewal fee for only your Structural and/or Geotechnical Engineer license, a hold will be placed on your licenses until the required renewal fee for the Civil Engineer license is received.

New Renewal Dates on License Lookup - The information in the online data base will be updated 24 hours after the payment you send is cashiered and entered into the system. You will receive your new pocket ID within three to four weeks.

Paper Pocket Identification Card- Paper pocket identification cards are sent out automatically by the Department of Consumer Affairs once a license is renewed. If you require verification of licensure for employment purposes, direct your employer to the Board's License Lookup site for verification of your status. For information regarding plastic pocket identification cards please visit this notification site regarding pocket identification cards on the Board's website.

Military Service Personnel - Click here for more information about special provisions for military service personnel whose licenses expired while they were on active duty as a member of the California National Guard or the United States Armed Forces.

Retired License Status - Click here for more information about retiring your license.