New and Important UpdatesNEW AND IMPORTANT UPDATES

  • NOTICED AUGUST 28, 2015 - The Official Notice and Agenda for the Meeting of the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists is now available.
  • UPDATED AUGUST 26, 2015 - Click the following link for the Fall 2015 Examination Update.
  • ADDED AUGUST 12, 2015 - Professional Geophysicist Expert Consultants Needed! Click the link above for more information.
  • ANNOUNCED JUNE 30, 2015 - Notice of Department Designation Forms for Governmental Agencies Now Available
    In order to comply with the requirements of Business and Professions Code sections 6730.2 and 8725.1, state, county, city, city & county, district, and special district agencies are required to designate the professional engineers and land surveyors who are in responsible charge at the agencies. The Notice of Department Designation form is now available to meet this reporting requirement. Click the link above for more information.
  • ADDED FEBRUARY 5, 2015 - Legislation has been passed requiring the Board to verify all applicants’ fingerprints for criminal history prior to approval. Effective July 1, 2015, all applicants will be required to submit fingerprints prior to certification/licensure. This applies to all new and refile applicants. Please click HERE for further information.

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