Structural Engineer Application

All applicants are required to supply the Board with a full set of fingerprints upon submittal of an application for licensure/certification.  If the applicant has submitted fingerprints with a previous application to the Board, resubmittal with a subsequent application is not needed. Please click on Fingerprinting FAQs for further information and instructions.

The Structural Engineer Application Forms are fillable .pdf forms. The latest version of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed to complete the forms. We suggest that you print a copy and complete it by hand. When you're sure all the answers are complete, open the online file again and enter your responses on the form, print it, sign it, copy it, and mail the original with all required documentation. Be sure to make a copy for your own files.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience problems with any of these forms, you should upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Information regarding the New Application Process

WARNING: If an applicant is unable to complete or print an online form, he or she is NOT relieved of the requirement to meet the final filing date requirement. WE STRONGLY URGE ALL CANDIDATES PLANNING TO USE THE WEBSITE FORMS TO COMPLETE THEIR ONLINE "TYPING" AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE FINAL FILING DATE. We also strongly recommend that you print one or two extra blank forms in case computer or printer problems force you to use a typewriter to meet the filing deadline. The Board is not responsible for any failure by an applicant to meet filing deadlines.

NOTE: Disclosure of your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is mandatory. Your application will not be processed without it. Click on Information Collection, Access, and Disclosure for more information.