Structural Engineer Application

All applicants are required to supply the Board with a full set of fingerprints upon submittal of an application for licensure/certification.  If the applicant has submitted fingerprints with a previous application to the Board, resubmittal with a subsequent application is not needed. Please click on Fingerprinting FAQs for further information and instructions.

NCEES is converting the 16-hour Structural Exam to a computer-based testing (CBT) format in 2024.  Please monitor the NCEES website for updates regarding the conversion.

Do not submit your application for Structural Engineer licensure until you have passed the NCEES PE Structural Exam and satisfied the following requirements:

For information on the exams acceptable for Structural Engineer licensure view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding the Structural Engineer (SE) Exam.  If you have not passed an accepted exam, proceed directly to NCEES to create and/or login to your MyNCEES account and register.

Once you have passed an acceptable exam scenario and have the required qualifying experience, submit your application for licensure.  There is no final filing date.  Applications can be submitted and will be accepted on a continuous basis. 

Please do not contact the Board to verify receipt of your application.  If you wish to have proof that your application was received, use a delivery method that provides tracking and delivery confirmation.

NOTE: Disclosure of your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is mandatory. Your application will not be processed without it. Click on Information Collection, Access, and Disclosure for more information.