Information on the Retired License Status

A retired status for engineers and land surveyors became law on January 1, 2000 (Business and Professions Code sections 6762.5, 6799, 8747.5 and 8805). The retired status is for licensees who are no longer active in their profession, and therefore don't want to pay the full license renewal fees. The regulations to implement this law are now in effect.

Carefully read the following features of a retired status before deciding whether or not to change your status:

  • Once a license is retired, the retired status license holder cannot perform, or offer to perform, any engineering or surveying, including consulting.
  • The only way to return a retired license to active status is by re-taking and passing the professional examination.

The following conditions must be met to qualify for the retired status:

  • licensed by the California Board as a PE or PLS for a minimum of five (5) years
  • licensed within the United States or territories as a PE or PLS for a minimum of 20 years, and
  • hold a California license that is not suspended, revoked, or otherwise disciplined, or subject to pending discipline.

Fee: One-time, lifetime fee of $62.50 for each retired license.

License Renewal: If your license is currently subject to renewal, but you are sure you want to convert to the retired status, you may choose not to renew your license and convert to the retired status by paying the retired fee for each license.

The retired license status will allow you to continue to receive all regular mailings from the Board.

Title use: The retired license status will allow you to legally use the titles "retired professional engineer," "professional engineer, retired," or either of those titles with the branch designation inserted for the word "professional" (for example, "retired civil engineer" or "civil engineer, retired,") or the titles "retired professional land surveyor" or "professional land surveyor, retired."

Application for Retired License