Calculator Policies for National and State-Specific Examinations


Further information about the NCEES calculator policy may be obtained from the NCEES web site.

NCEES will enforce its calculator policy during the administration of the exams listed below:

April Exams October Exams
Fundamentals of Engineering Fundamentals of Engineering
Fundamentals of Surveying Fundamentals of Surveying
Chemical Engineer Agricultural Engineer
Civil Engineer Chemical Engineer
Electrical Engineer Civil Engineer
Industrial Engineer Control System Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineer
Professional Surveyor Fire Protection Engineer
Structural Engineer Mechanical Engineer
Metallurgical Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Professional Surveyor
Structural Engineer

The Board's Current Calculator Policy
The Board will continue to enforce its current calculator policy, which is described below, for all state-specific examinations. The Board's calculator policy will be enforced for the California State-Specific Professional Land Surveyor; the California State-Specific Civil Engineer (Seismic Principles and Engineering Surveying); Geotechnical Engineer; and Traffic Engineer examinations.

Permissible calculators for the Board’s state-specific examinations include those approved by NCEES together with any handheld calculator that does not meet the following listed exceptions.

The use of any calculating/computing device having a QWERTY keypad arrangement similar to a typewriter or a keyboard during the exam is strictly prohibited. The following devices are also prohibited, whether or not they have a QWERTY keypad function: palmtop, laptop, handheld or desktop computers, data banks, data collectors, personal data assistants (PDA), and organizers. Calculators with other alphanumeric keypads are acceptable.
It is your responsibility to determine if your calculator meets the above criteria. Board staff or Prometric will not confirm whether your calculator is acceptable prior to your exam.

Please know that you could be required to clear your calculator memory upon exiting the exam. However, you WILL NOT be required to clear your calculator memory before you take the exam.

One Example of a QWERTY Keypad


Notwithstanding the above, the Board or its designees have the right to prohibit the use of any device which, in the opinion of the Board, may pose a threat to exam security.