Special/Religious Accommodations

Request for Special (ADA or Religious) Accommodations:
The Board no longer directly handles requests for special accommodations at examinations.  These requests are now handled by the appropriate examination administrator.  If you have a need for special testing accommodations due to religious belief or for reasons falling within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you must contact EACH examination administrator regarding your request. NOTE: You must request special accommodations for each examination administration cycle, even if none of the information has changed since the last request.

Information regarding the process for requesting special accommodations is available on the Examination Administrators’ websites.  Do NOT contact the Board to request special accommodations; you must contact the Examination Administrators for the examinations for which you need special accommodations.  The Examination Administrators are:

  • National Examinations: The National Council of Engineers for Examiners and Surveying (NCEES)
    Special accommodations requests shall be made at the time of examination registration, visit the following link for further information: http://ncees.org/exams/special-accommodations/