Engagement Record: Instructions and Information for Applicants and References


Part A - To Be Completed by Applicant
Experience Information

The applicant must complete Part "A" of an Engagement Record and Reference Form for each engagement listed on the application form. No more than one engagement may be listed on a form. Part A of the form must be typed or completed online. Both the applicant and the reference must sign the form in the appropriate places. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS WILL INVALIDATE THE REFERENCE.

Clearly identify each engagement and ensure that engagements do not overlap. Provide sufficient information to allow the Board to determine if you meet the experience requirements. The Engagement Record consists of all of the forms the applicant provides. It should be completed up to the date of filing, with no gaps, other than for periods of unemployment. Each engagement must be summarized on the forms provided. Additional sheets may be added, but not substituted for the form. Your present engagement is number 1. State the exact beginning date (month, day, year) for each engagement, or month-end will be assumed. Different projects for one employer at one level of responsibility are not considered separate engagements. The total Engagement Record must include sufficient verified qualifying experience to meet application requirements. Without sufficient verified experience, the applicant will be found to be ineligible.

The applicant must send the original of the form, with Part "A" completed, to the reference for that engagement, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for the reference's use in returning the completed form. The applicant will submit all completed, sealed, and signed reference envelopes to the Board in his or her application for licensure.

Reference Information

An applicant for authority to use the title Geotechnical Engineer must provide at least four references from persons having a current and valid registration as a civil engineer in California, or the equivalent thereto. * Each reference must have personal knowledge of that portion of the applicant's qualifying experience he or she is verifying. Personal knowledge must have come from an examination of the applicant's work to the extent that the reference is sufficiently familiar with that experience to comment about it. At least two of the references must be from civil engineers who are or were actively engaged in the practice of geotechnical engineering. References from engineers holding the authority to use the title "Geotechnical Engineer" are not required, but such references are acceptable.

"Equivalent thereto" as used in the paragraph above refers to the acceptability of a reference from a professional engineer who is licensed as a civil engineer in another state. Reference forms submitted in accordance with this provision must be accompanied by the completed Out of State Reference Notary Form verifying the reference's signature and license expiration date.

A reference must be provided for each engagement for which the applicant desires credit. References from supervisors are preferred. If, however, the applicant cannot obtain references from four supervisors, references may be obtained from other registrants who have personal knowledge of the applicant's qualifying work experience. References from relatives, either by birth or marriage, are not normally acceptable.

It is the applicant's responsibility to select references that can verify the applicant's qualifying work experience.

The applicant must make sure that his/her application and all of the sealed envelopes containing Engagement Record and Reference forms are placed in the appropriate envelope which then must be postmarked by the final filing date and mailed directly to the Board.

Engagement Record: Instructions and Information for Applicants and References

Part B - To Be Completed by Reference
Instructions and Information for References

As a reference, you are to complete Part B of the form. Typewritten responses are not required on Part B. Your statements should reflect your professional opinion, based on personal knowledge. The Board relies heavily on your opinion. Be accurate, candid, and specific. You should personally complete and sign the form, place it in the separate envelope provided by the applicant, close and seal the envelope, sign the sealed envelope across the flap, and return the sealed envelope to the applicant.

To assist you in determining the applicant's qualifications, the following information is provided concerning qualifying experience for geotechnical engineering applicants:

  • Qualifying experience consists of professional level employment "in responsible charge" of major projects. It does not include overtime, trainee, or orientation programs, any work done before initial licensure as a civil engineer, or work done on exempt structures as defined in Section 6737.1 of the Business and Professions Code.
  • Qualifying experience must include a variety of experiences working on Program Development, Analysis, and Report Preparation; it should also include a demonstration of applicant's working knowledge of Field and Lab Studies, and Site Monitoring. As a reference, you should be able to verify the applicant's responsible charge experience in the first three items and/or verify that the applicant has a working knowledge of the latter two items.