Exam Fees Paid Directly to NCEES or Prometric

In order to take a national or state examination for licensure or certification your application must be approved by the Board. Once approved, separate fees will be charged to take the national or state examinations. The fees payable to our national and state vendors are identified in the tales below. You cannot sit for an examination until all fees are paid to the respective examination vendor.

Administration Fees for National Exams payable to NCEES: Fee
Professional Engineer (PE): $350
Principles & Practice of Surveying (PS): $350
8-hour Structural - Vertical Forces Component: $510
8-hour Structural - Lateral Forces Component: $510
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE): $225
Fundamentals of Surveying (FS): $225


Administration Fees for State Exams payable directly to Prometric Inc.: Fee
Traffic Engineering (offered in October only): $149.88*
Geotechnical Engineering (offered in October only): $149.88*
California Civil Seismic Principles: $60.30*
California Civil Engineering Surveying: $60.30*
California Land Surveying: $85.95

*Fee for 2013 examination administration, subject to change for future administrations.

Fee schedule for Engineers and Land Surveyors

In order to become a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Land Surveyor (PLS) or be certified as an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) or Land-Surveyor-In-Training (LSIT) you must pass certain examinations. There are separate California and National exams required for licensure or certification. A take home exam is also required when you submit your application for PE or PLS. The table below identifies the exams necessary for licensure or certification and the total fees due to be paid in order to become licensed. Links are provided at the top of the table which will direct you to a more detailed description of the fees required and explain how total fees were calculated.

  California Fees National Fees Prometric Fees No Fee Required
Discipline Application Fees
Click Here
(Payable to DCA,
CA License Exam Fees Click Here
(Payable to DCA)
NCEES Exam Fees
Click Here
(Payable to NCEES)
CBT Administration
Click Here
(Payable to Prometric)
Take Home Exam
Practice Acts
(National, CA Seismic and Engineering Surveying
$125 $3001 $350 $120.603,4 YES
Electrical $125   $350   YES
Mechanical $125   $350   YES
Land Surveyor
(National & CA LS Exam)
$125 $150 $350 $85.95 YES
Title Acts
Agricultural $125   $350   YES
Chemical $125   $350   YES
Control Systems $125   $350   YES
Fire Protection $125   $350   YES
Industrial $125   $350   YES
Metallurgical $125   $350   YES
Nuclear $125   $350   YES
Petroleum $125   $350   YES
Traffic $125 $150   $149.884 YES
Title Authority Acts
(Lateral and Vertical Component)
$125   $1,0202   NO
Geotechnical $125 $150   $149.884 NO
In-Training Certification
Engineer In-Training (EIT) $2255   $125   NO
Land Surveyor In-Training (LSIT) $2255   $170   NO

1 - Total for both California Civil exams.

2 - Total for both components of NCEES Structural exam.

3 - Total administration fee for both California Civil exams.

4 - Fee for 2013 Administration - Subject to change for future administrations.

5 - Fee for 2014 exams.